Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Favorites from Spring Break + Scope Art Show

Designer and Melange Mode contributor Sarah Holland shares her favorites from Spring Break + Scope Art Show 

I was very excited to check out Spring Break Art Show in New York for the first time. I had heard great things about the fresh and edgy vibe of this show.

Spring Break took place at 4 Times Square, which was previously the office for Conde Nast. This show started as a way for independent curators to have a platform for art exhibits in spaces that were not being used in New York City.

The theme this year was Black Mirror and referenced what Oscar Wilde suggested “reveal beauty and hide the artist?

Resonance Structures by Michael Zelhoski. Curated by Che Morales.
There was really fun energy at this show and it seemed not overly scripted but still carefully constructed by each curator and artist.

I Love my lifeBy Artist Rona Yefman. From installation Do you feel lucky, punkCurated by Maureen Sullivan

Spring Break art installation areas featured sweeping views of the city as a backdrop to the artists work.

I fell in love with this installation as soon as I walked in. Curated by Justin De Demko, Castor Gallery.

Thinking About Everything, But Then Again, I Was Thinking About Nothing
Pieces created using ballpoint pen lined the room, by Artist Tamara SantibanezThis artist is known for her exceptional work at Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn.

This exhibit was a rock and roll dream come true!

All about the details - this installation focused on the artists semi-autobiographical bedroom.

The inspiration behind the space was to be an archaeological site while examining subculture rebellion through these scattered punk rock pieces  – leaving the audience to have a curiosity about who lived there. Studded belts and faded white denim as if they were thrown on the floor replicating band posters and albums.

They had me at Guns N’ Roses…

I had the biggest crush on these t-shirts!

After Spring Break I went over to Scope Art Show in Chelsea.

Scope Art Show is a internationally recognized event for many types of contemporary art. I always love attending Scope because this show has a way of featuring what is next for art and design. This show is known for featuring emerging artists.

As soon as I walked in I was in awe of these gorgeous accessories!
Mordekai is a luxe avant-garde accessories collection by LA Designer + Stylist Ken Borochov,

The inspiration for these pieces is drawn from the Hollywood glamour of Cher, Andy Warhol, and Madonna. It’s no surprise to see that designer Ken Borochov created the pieces of some of Lady Gaga’s iconic looks - Mordekai created the signature claw for Lady Gaga as well as the
24-Karat gold wheelchair.

Serious statement pieces - obsessed with the rainbow colored oversized ear pieces. Mordekai pieces have been worn by several celebrities including Madonna, Rihanna and have been featured in Vogue, V, W, Interview, and Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.

Crystal VerseInstallation by Artist, Poet and Japanese Calligrapher Yuuki KobayashiNew Wave Art Project

Pieces of rice paper covered the floor, representative of the artist's process of calligraphy - chaotic fragments of letters before being crystalized into images and poetry.

People visiting the exhibit were walking through the installation with the paper moving everywhere and experiencing the artwork.

I love Japanese design and it was great to meet the Artist Yuuki Kobayashi and hear about the inspiration behind the exhibit. The pieces are an interesting blend ancient + modern art using poetry, calligraphy, and images.

My last stop was the Miami gallery Markowicz Fine Art -  I loved seeing them at Scope Miami during Art Basel!

This gallery has great contemporary pieces. LA / Paris based Artist Kai uses street art to enhance the message of pop-culture images in his artwork, which can be seen in his Lost Values pieces

I was so excited to see this denim sculpture piece by French Contemporary Artist Richard OrlinskiI am a huge fan of his work!

This artist is known for creating wild life sculptures using epoxy and resin transparent materials.
Loved the denim – with the hand painted technique, I would totally wear these with heels!

Until next time NYC



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