Friday, December 2, 2016

High Desert Life

We spent Thanksgiving in the high desert, between Palm Springs and Joshua Tree... near the LA escape Pioneertown. We usually stay at our favorite, the Sparrows Lodge, in Palm Springs but we were bringing our friend Juna, and she needed some room to roam free, so we found a perfect desert cabin, complete with easy access to the canyons and a hot tub!

our friend Juna

The desert gets a little chilly, so I glammed up in this cool weather appropriate outfit for our Thanksgiving dinner... I'm wearing head to almost toe Reverie, rounding out the outfit with a perfect pair of Jimmy Choo's.
I love the accent scarf!

Caught by a gust of wind!
The Palm Desert wind farm appreciated the gusty winds
Riding in style
Desert living (designed by Noah Purifoy)

You can find all sorts of wild life in the desert!


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