Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Weekend Getaway to Bermuda

An escape to a tropical island was just what was needed as winter sets in on the East Coast. Bermuda is a British island territory only two hour flight from New York. Before you know it, Bermuda's turquoise waters and colorful homes revitalizes and transforms you into a relaxing vacation mode. November is the lowest season of the year - the island is quieter and you will see more locals than tourists. The residents are friendly and love to talk about the history and the lifestyle they enjoy on this small, beautiful island.

From the airport, we head to the Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa, tucked away at the edge of the island which include cottage style suites and four secluded private beaches for the ultimate tropical escape. Breakfast and afternoon tea are included with your stay as well as a free shuttle to Dockyard, a town nearby to catch the ferry to the capital. There is a wonderful spa, indoor pool with sauna, croquet and mini golf course. 

Our first order of business was enjoying our lunch and banana split with views of this peaceful beach and marina. Boating and Sailing are one of the most popular activities on the island, including hosting the 35th America's Cup next year, with the best sailors competing for the international recognition.

We head to Horseshoe Bay in Southampton on the South coast, the most famous beach in Bermuda and #8 in the world according to TripAdvisor. With its clear turquoise waters and powder white sand, this was the perfect setting to relax. Taxis are the easiest way to get around the island, which can be ordered by your hotel or hailed on the street if you can catch one.

This cove at the edge of Horseshoe Bay was the perfect backdrop for a beach wedding occurring during our visit or just a quiet place to relax and reflect.

The skies are always colorful as well - sunsets and rainbows in Bermuda are stunning.
Below: a view of a small island from our patio, while rainbows can be seen several times a day after quick tropical showers pass through.

We walked around the Naval Dockyard, a 19th century British naval base with beautiful historical buildings. This is also where you can catch the ferry to Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda.
Loving these unexpected London phone booths against the palm tree background.

We head to Hamilton by Ferry, only 20 minutes and a great way to see Bermuda by water.
We roamed the streets and small shops, finding a Picasso mural on a small street.

Small tiled streets are a charming part of Hamilton. 

Poetry line these colorful steps down this small street

Another rainbow over Hamilton is the perfect ending of our weekend getaway.