Sunday, August 21, 2016

High Fashion at the Cooper Hewitt Museum

I had a wonderful time exploring The Cooper Hewitt Museum's exhibit, Beauty it's fifth installment in a series on contemporary design. Featuring 63 designers works within different themes related to Beauty, it focuses on celebrating design as interconnected to the mind, body and senses. Intricate or extravagant, each piece is exceptional and beautiful. The museum's unique interactive pen allows you to store your favorite pieces from the exhibits in a file as well as interactive tables to create your own wallpaper or works of art. Cooper Hewitt Museum is in the former residence of Andrew Carnegie, located at 
2 East 91st Street New York, NY. 

Giambattista Vali creates "Contemporary Couture" like this Tulle Ombre Skirt & Blouse

Iris van Herpen and Jolan van der Wiel experiment with technology and beauty like this dress made of Resin and iron fillings (Left), Gareth Pugh pieces are bold and dramatic like this piece evoking body armor made by spray painted drinking straws (Right)

Maiko Takeda creates pieces that evoke nature inspired by clouds, wind and shadows, like these headpieces of shredded acetate 


Melitta Baumeister exaggerates volume and silhouettes with rigid materials like padded Neoprene (Left), while Jean Yu using architectural pieces that embrace femininity and grace like this delicate undergarment (Right)

Naomi Yasuda transforms nail design into pieces of art using beads and ornaments, these are inspired by traditional Japanese patterns.

            Delfina Delettrez jewelry includes surreal and abstract pieces inspired by Salvador Dali

This museum focuses on interactive installations to engage visitors.

The Immersion room lets you play designer and create your own wallpaper. See the walls come to life either by designing a print from scratch or choosing existing patterns and colors.

Using the interactive pen you can also create and save your own designs or use your pen to save any piece from the museum to a file downloadable after you leave the museum.


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