Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New Orleans - A Stroll through the French Quarter

On my first visit to the wonderful city of New Orleans, 
I spent a great deal of time walking around the famous French Quarter

There is much to do and see in this small neighborhood and you can easily spend a few days getting lost throughout its bustling streets. Jazz can be heard wherever you turn - live music is bursting out of restaurants, bars, the main square and often just in the middle of an unassuming street. There are restaurants at every turn, cast iron balconies line the streets for a view from the top and hidden courtyards are built in the French style, a quiet repose from the busy streets. 
I start by taking a free walking tour with Tours by Foot, where I learned about the culture of this rich and historic district and the many hidden secrets of New Orleans.

Colorful houses built in the "Gun-Shot" style appear small at front, but are long and lean with each room connected in Railroad style. Wearing a Reverie New York Mohair Tee, Decree Jeans and Play x Comme De Garcons Sneakers

Brightly painted homes line the streets

This small coffee shop was a wonderful find while wandering throughout the streets. Spitfire Coffee kept me going all day.

A walk on Royal Street, wearing a Belle & Sky Moto Jacket, Reverie New York Tee

Live Bluegrass music on Royal Street


Cast Iron balconies line the streets

Iron Horse street posts are a charming relic of old New Orleans

Taking a break and checking out the Main Square from Stanley's
a bustling restaurant with classic New Orleans cuisine

Street musicians at every turn in the French Quarter

Cafe Du Monde is famous for Beignets and delicious Coffee - the original french market coffee stand since 1862. This should be a "must" on your visit to New Orleans!

Trolleys are still a great way to get around New Orleans

A view from the Trolley as it glides along the Mississippi River

Green Goddess is a wonderful restaurant perfect for Brunch. They offer a great selection of both Vegetarian and Southern Comfort food like Sweet Potato Biscuits and Parmesan Grits

Finally, I rest my legs on the riverbed of the Mississippi, 
which is one of the largest ports in the country. Boats tours & the local ferry are another great way to see New Orleans from the river.

Stay posted for the next chapter of New Orleans, 
covering my favorite boutiques and nightlife!