Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Weekend in Byron Bay: Part 2, Boutique Trends

On top of amazing surf shops, Byron Bay has some really original lifestyle boutiques. One of my favorites is Spell, which is all original, in-house designs from two sisters, Elizabeth and Isabella. I fell in love with this electric blue fringe suede jacket!

The aesthetic at Spell is modern gypsy, inspired by travel and vintage pieces, and gives off a carefree vibe. This little dress is perfect for a beach lifestyle!

I love white leather, I was drawn to this little fringed leather skirt. 

Island Luxe, pictured above, is a contrast from Spell with it's minimalist aesthetic and black, white, and neutrals color palette. 

Many of the pieces feature avant garde cuts from designers across the world. But one real standout is the necklace on the right from Byron Bay jewelry designer Republic of You. Republic of You's designer Nicoletta Revis takes found vintage and antique pieces and repurposes them into her own modern bohemian designs. 

Hong Kong designer Oops' textured, hand-woven bags really stand out, I love these intricate pieces in stark white leather.

Another Byron Bay jewelry designer, Pakaria Powell's seashell brass rings caught my eye!

Byron Bay Lighting is really a sight to see! These nature-inspired lamps really light up a room! 

Pictures don't really do these lights justice, the conch shells and nautilus shells are so fun and inspiring!


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