Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Melbourne Part 3: Shopping!

In addition to tennis and art, Melbourne has some great, quirky independent boutiques! I got to visit a few fun shops, starting with Limedrop

These funglasses from Limedrop are perfect for seeing the world through rainbow colored glasses!

Limedrop is artfully curated by owner Clea Gamick, and is a must visit for any fashionista in Melbourne.

I loved this linen jumpsuit with a gold metallic sheen.

Colorful nailpolishes, named for different areas of Melbourne, and vivid jewelry is on display at Limedrop.

There is a collection of super fun socks!

I was drawn to these metallic luxe bags in unusual sheens, the lavender one is amazing!

Flinders Lane has a number of boutiques, I found this sleek white dress at LIFEwithBird

PAM Store inside the Curtain House building features a modern and edgy streetwear concept. 

I love their displays and prints!

These bags will definitely catch some eyes!

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