Saturday, January 30, 2016

Melbourne Part 2: The National Gallery of Victoria

In addition to tennis, Melbourne is known for its art and fashion. We spent a fun afternoon wandering through the National Gallery of Victoria.

This wall of modernist animals is so fun!

'All Must Dance' from Glasgow-based artist David Shirgley, very inspiring!

'Walking in the Rain' series by Julian Opie, juxtaposing London and Seoul streets.

We loved the intricate warped reality of New Zealand-born artist Jess Johnson's 'Wurm Haus' series.

Vintage Moschino bags, representative of household items and tasks.

Avant garde hats by Philip Treacy, made me think of the fascinators at the Royal Randwick racecourse.

Channeling the 1960's, the Andre Courreges' iconic mini dress caught our eye.

I love the modernist pop color on display from Indian designer Manish Arora.

This pool installation by French artist Celeste Boursier-Mougenot brings together color, sound and space.

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