Friday, November 27, 2015

Weekend Getaway in East Austin

Ronit's jacket is from Belle & Sky, Ana's jacket is BLK DNM
We spent a weekend getaway in Austin TX checking out stores and art on the east side of Austin - the creative center of the city! It was a fab fun weekend and we picked some of our favorites from the trip.

We went shopping at Friends & Neighbors, a quirky vintage inspired boutique and coffee & wine bar. We love Friends & Neighbors, it's always a highlight of a visit to Austin! We've known store owner Jill Bradshaw for a number of years and we love her eclectic taste, Ronit found a fabulous vintage denim coat on this visit. 

These eyeball pillows are so cute! 

Next, we wandered around the East Austin Studio Tour - an annual, self-guided tour of art studios on the east side, where people get opportunities to meet the artists in the community - seeing their workplaces and, in some cases, homes.

We saw a lot of great studios, one favorite piece was this copper wire sculpture of a shoe by artist Patricia Greene on display at Barry George's studio.

As part of the Studio Tour, the Chicon Collective, a co-working space and experimental community, put up a gallery of local art and threw an after-party. Our friend Peggy joined us for the party, as Andy Warhol looks on. 

Here is some more art we loved, including a painting by William Greer allegedly inspired by a Miley Cyrus music video below.

The party capped with an impassioned interpretive dance by Katie Drackert performance that enthralled the audience!

Stay tuned for more great photos from our weekend in Austin!