Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fall Weekend Getaway: Berlin

Early fall is a great time to be in Berlin! Berlin is a great walking city and the Fall weather was perfect for discovering the city. We got a hotel in a neighborhood called Friedrichstadt in the northern part of the old Mitte district, which is a trendy area full of restaurants and shops. From here, we hopped into a cab and arrived in Kreuzberg, an alternative, artsy neighborhood with lots of great boutiques and other independent shops. 

For our first stop in Kreuzberg, we went to Voo Store a cool concept store that caters to a well dressed alternative crowd. 

Wearing my flying bird earrings from 24 Colours
At 24 Colours, we found some funky costume jewelry and other unique pieces.

Closeup of my new jewelry from 24 Colours
We ended the day with a glass of bubbly rose back in Mitte at Galeries Lafayette's elegant champagne bar.

My parents :)
We started off the next day at the Bauhaus Art Museum, which was formerly the famous Bauhaus art school. 

The Bauhaus Museum shop features sleek minimalist yet functional design.

Afterwards, we had an amazing lunch at Monsieur Vuong, a famous Vietmnamese restaurant in the Mitte. 

We visited some great shops in the Prenzlauerberg neighborhood, one of my favorites was Isobel Gowdie where I saw an amazing vintage Isabel Marant Chanel-style jacket. 
Claudia Skoda is known for unique knits
Baerck shop
Jewelry at Baerck
Christian Metzner bracelet at Baerck

Berlin Fashion Week darling Lala Berlin's boutique was another highlight.

We stopped for a German snack - a delicious croissant pretzel!

We wrapped our afternoon of shopping at The Apartment, an avant-garde shop in an unmarked building. It’s only sign is a spiral staircase with an empty hammock. Unfortunately they don’t allow pictures, the picture below is from

Apartment's stock features a lot of grey and black deconstructed, minimalist designs and leather.

We ended the evening with some German fine dining at Paris Moskau, a beautiful restaurant in a historic building.

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