Tuesday, November 25, 2014

All the Pretty Horses

We love it when art meets awareness.
Two beautiful, meaningful roads intersecting.

UNWANTED PROJECT connects people through photography and goods to raise awareness about the rescue of American horses from abuse by the racing and horse show industries, meat producers and even pharmaceutical organizations. A percentage of sales is donated to rescues like Cracker Box Palace Animal Haven in Alton, NY.

Stunning limited edition prints document 'unwanted' horses, capturing the beauty and spirit of these incredible animals. The stories and rescues are moving and the imagery of these gentle creatures is full of light, heart and soul.
We especially love these silk scarves by pAra - printed images of rescued horses on textured Chiffon, which are perfect as a sarong for the beach or around your neck for Fall. Each purchase feeds a rescued horse for 2 weeks.
All images by Unwanted Project

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