Tuesday, August 12, 2014

WOS happening?

Having been off the grid traveling for the past six weeks, I've collected some great finds from my journey. The first highlight is the fabulous accessories store WOS in Stockholm. On point curator Jenny Widing has created a fun and eclectic collection of accessories, I've posted some of my favorites below!

Photo courtesy of wosstore.com

WOS started up in 2012 and serves as a springboard for emerging avant-garde designers, many of the approximately 70 designers are local to Sweden.

Everything in the store is handmade, carefully selected or produced in small editions. I love the pastel and metallic earrings on the left! They are handmade in Stockholm by designer Suzywan DELUXE. Her designs are bright and playful, they really pop!

Dinosaurs and birds are common themes in the store, check out these fun reflective necklaces!

Curator Jenny Widing

Visit WOS at Hornsgatan 98, Stockholm, Sweden or shop online at wosstore.com 

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