Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Flash Tattoos

When I saw NYC hair stylist Carmel Bianco's Flash tattoo a week ago I became obsessed and ordered a set right away. Carmel's delicate gold bracelet-styled Flash tattoo looked amazing mixed in with her real jewelry.

Flash Tattoos, based in Austin Texas, sells on trend jewelry-inspired metallic temporary tattoos, that last 4 to 6 days, and they are so fun! Mainly in gold and silver tones, they are subtle and blend in nicely with your skin, especially with sun-kissed skin like mine is over the summer.

They are perfect for the beach, pool party, festival, or anywhere really. And, because you can apply them in under a minute, they are ideal for anyone on the go. Miranda Burnet started the company last year and currently she makes 11 different styles. I ordered the beach inspired set called the Goldfish Kiss, which was designed in collaboration with Rebekah Steen.

Rockin' my Flash Tattoos!

Check out Flash Tattoos!

First four images courtesy of flashtat.com, images 5-7 by Melange Mode. Ana's dress is by Reverie.

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