Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Shot of Street Style - New York

At Melange Mode, we are often inspired by street style, especially when they help us discover great brands from around the world. 
This week in the neighborhood of Soho in New York, we ran into Isabel Dosal from Madrid, Spain. We loved her hand-made cropped jacket, which featured actual coins and colorful embroidery by Tete by Odette from Madrid, Spain and fringed boots by Emonk Ibiza locally made in Ibiza, Spain. You can check out more great items on their websites or Spanish blog MadamedeRosa, where blogger Angela Rosa often models these great brands and more from Spain. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Finding Inspiration at Dover Street Market

This Spring, we finally made it down to Dover Street Market New York, which is the newest location of the Comme des Garcons concept store, with its other locations in Tokyo and London. They opened their New York outpost in December and it's located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in a quiet area of Gramercy park on 30th Street and Lexington Avenue. It has taken over a stately historic building of marble pillars and wooden framing, that blends in with the rest of the New York skyline, but is surprisingly different from the interior as you step inside. 

As you walk in, you are struck by how modern and playful the interior is, a mix of industrial materials and the unexpected, like bright patchwork knitted over indoor pillars and structures. Plastic materials and organic tunnels run throughout the space over staircases and wooden shelving. There is an industrial kitchen/restaurant on the first floor and you are transported by a custom built glass and steel elevator that zips you throughout the seven floors of the store.

Everything in the store is a contrast- plastic layered on wood, hard sleek surfaces against soft handmade surfaces, it is a play of textures and colors. Nature made against man made is a theme throughout the store and keeps an element of surprise at every turn.

On the third floor, you will find shelves with the logo, Play by Commes des Garcons, the Heart with Eyes embroidered on sneakers, tees and sweatshirts. These have become iconic and you often see people with these Hearts on the streets of New York. Collaborations with American companies like JCrew have increased its popularity. 

We love the attention to space and presentation. This feminine collection is hung in glass boxes and has a light airy feeling. Art installations are a part of each collection, creating an environment around each theme.

Dover Street Market features the most innovative and creative designers- focusing on color, texture and statement pieces. Walking throughout the store, you feel inspired by the designers they feature from around the world.

Footwear is presented as artwork and include bright sneakers, artistic heels and the most innovative shoes you can find in the fashion world, including interesting new shapes and textures.

Bags are the most cutting edge, including this Mason Martin Margiela canvas tote, YSL neon handbags and Jil Sander Mirror and Iridescent clutches.

Each section of the store is broken up into mini boutiques and attention to detail is thoroughly thought out from the display cases, hangers, wall installations and lighting. Space is as important as the merchandise, like displaying leather motorcycle jackets with studded boots or custom t-shirts displayed on modern cubes.

Finally, those shopping at Dover Street Market are as inspiring as the store itself. It draws a creative and artistic niche market and people watching is just as fun. We loved a heat set pleated coat and wrap around shoelace shoes and bright yellow hair and matching shopping bag.