Saturday, May 3, 2014

Finding your Spirit in Tulum

After a recent trip to Tulum, Mexico for some R&R, we spotted some great local shops on walks through town. Specialty boutiques focus on hand crafted items like crochet sandals, stone jewelry and embroidered tunics and home goods. Most shops are clustered on a dirt road along the beach and are easily walkable.

Tulum is a small beach town on the Yucatan Peninsula on the Caribbean Sea. Focusing on self-sustainability and a bohemian lifestyle, it is known for its yoga retreats, fresh organic restaurants and relaxed friendly atmosphere. The shops we visited reflect this philosophy, embracing unique and special pieces that will look great on a stroll through the crystal blue waters or dancing into the night at one of the many beach salsa parties. 

This lovely shop focuses on unique Mexican crafts like colorful embroidered tunics and accessories. Framed paintings of Mayans with their spirit animals and embroidered portraits of Frida Kahlo, reflect the rich history and traditions of Mexico. This local shopper wore it right in a easy white dress, straw purse and Greek sandals. 

This shop located in a small thatched roof cabana focuses on great accessories like large stone rings and macrame sandals. It uses the natural elements like driftwood, pebbles and pottery to display its unique goods. 

This shop located in a tent uses the trees and jungle as part of its store by hanging clothing on vines and branches and creates a gypsy atmosphere with vintage caftans, pillows and blankets. The book "The New Gypsies" by Iain McKell spells it out, focusing on a resurgence in a nomadic bohemian lifestyle.

In another shop, the embroidered bedding and pillow cases on soft linens and cottons were a delight for home. The colors and textures of the embroidery were a great mix of Mexican tradition and new modern techniques.

Whether you find yourself in Tulum for relaxation on the beach or to immerse in its rich culture, there is something for everyone at these unique shops. Although they are scattered along the main beach road, most are hidden within the trees and rustic surroundings, giving them a charm and an unforgettable shopping experience.

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