Friday, May 23, 2014

Big Sur, Day Two: Hiking and the Nest

Although we had great sushi at Wild Coast Restaurant at Treebones, we didn't stay up too late because we knew day two would be a full day of exploring the great outdoors!

Bottega Veneta sunglasses and Helmut Lang beanie

Mountain air is always crisp in the morning and Big Sur is no exception. As always, when in California, layering is a must. I put on another great Mansoor Scott look, the Park City Pullover, which is fuzzy and so soft, with cream Newport scalloped shorts. I added my All Saints military boots for the rough terrain and my favorite backpack from House of 950. I love it's clean lines and the natural color goes with absolutely everything!

After breakfast at the lodge, we were ready to head out, but, wait! There was just one thing I wanted to do first - visit Treebones' famous human nest!

So fun! If it was just a bit warmer I would definitely want to stay here! Next time...

... And here is our view:

Now I am finally ready for a hike!

All images by Liz Brown, follow her on Instagram.
Thanks to Mansoor Scott for all their great contributions to this series!

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