Saturday, March 15, 2014

Finding Inspiration at Capsule New York, Pt. 2

We found so many great brands at Capsule the other week that we decided to do a whole series on the show. Check out part two!

Adina Mills, creates hand sculpted and painted jewelry inspired by nature. These are some serious rocks, we loved these chunky rings and pendants.

Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer, makes enamel coated rope jewelry that is bold and modern. We also love their twisted and knot rope inspired metal jewelry, great for layering.

MeDusa, an Israeli brand brings innovative textiles and eco friendly materials to accessories by sculpting industrial plastic in bright colors. We love the organic textures on these modern shaped purses.


Strathcona, is a specialty socks and stocking company designed and made locally in Canada. We love these weird and beautiful patterns, all original and printed in limited quantities

Reverie was also at Capsule showing the Fall/Holiday14 Collection, which was inspired by the world and discovery of snowflakes when viewed under a microscope. These incredible prints along with luxurious fabrics, textures and details are cut in modern, sophisticated silhouettes and emphasizes a playful and whimsical element. The look book will be coming out soon. Stay tuned!


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